One of the greatest fears people have, myself included, is the fear of exposure.  When I say “exposure”, I am talking about having the deepest, most personal and hidden parts of yourself laid out in open view for others to see.  Now what if I told you that there is a popular stage production happening across the country where people WILLINGLY expose their private nature in front of complete strangers?

I watched a documentary about this last night.  Mortified Nation “is a documentary about adults who share their most embarrassing, private childhood writings… in front of total strangers”.  Diaries and journals written 10, 20 or 30 years ago are read in front of an audience by the people who wrote them.

Think back to what it was like for you growing up and all the awkward thoughts and moments you experienced.  If you kept a journal and documented everything, would you be willing to stand in front of an audience and read those entries aloud?

I know I wouldn’t.

In the movie, people shared memories that are easily relatable such as the desire to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, seeking the approval of your parents, and even struggles with sexuality.  The brave souls who ventured on stage share personal experiences about themselves that we can all relate to, and some of us try to forget.

Mortified can be seen in many cities across the country, Portland being one of them.  There are 2 upcoming shows on May 16 and 17th at the Mission Theater.  Not sure I can make one of those, but I will be looking to attend a future show if possible.

What about you?  Could you read your childhood diaries in front of strangers?

The Magic Behind Handwritten Letters

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I Hope To Share My Misery With You

Don’t you hate it when a song gets stuck in your head and it just won’t go away? Well, I’ve had this song stuck in my head for 2 days now. Here ya go, hope it gets stuck in your head too.