I Hope To Share My Misery With You

Don’t you hate it when a song gets stuck in your head and it just won’t go away?

Well, I’ve had this song stuck in my head for 2 days now. Here ya go, hope it gets stuck in your head too.

A Business Can’t Discriminate, Or Can They?

I ran across an article on the ACLU website last night which reported on a photographer in New Mexico that battled a public accommodations law by refusing to provide his or her services to a gay couple under the guise of First Amendment rights.  The Supreme Court turned that claim away. I am in agreement […]

SpotLeap.com Doesn’t Want To Hear Your Complaints

Anyone who follows my ramblings on Twitter knows I cruise through Craigslist looking for the strange and the absurd.  Sometimes I only share links to these oddball finds, and other times I will engage with the idiots behind the postings.  Here is a recap of one of my latest escapades. I saw a listing in […]

The Face Of Addiction

One of my cats (Mosa) has a thyroid condition where one of her bodily levels of something or other gets out of hand if it isn’t properly taken care of.  I give her methimazole twice a day to make sure she stays healthy, but I fear that by doing this I have made her worse […]

I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

I am a huge fan of chili dogs.  In fact, my last meal on death row would be chili dogs (if I ever found myself in the unfortunate situation of the state deciding to execute me).  I take a simple route to making them, but I think I have come across a better way of […]